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Refrigerated Container Service

Dear Valued Customers,

Westwood Shipping Lines (WSL) is pleased to announce a new offering in our service portfolio. WSL will launch a new fortnightly, refrigerated container service, starting on July 10th with our vessel, Westwood Cascade 22W. We will offer our customers a direct reefer service from the Pacific Northwest, including Seattle CY and Vancouver, B.C. CY to the ports of Tomakomai, Japan and Busan, Korea serving markets in these areas. We have acquired 40’HC state of the art refrigerated containers and are excited about this new service capability. The superior level of customer service that we are known for in the dry container, bulk, and project cargo markets, we will now carry over into the refrigerated cargo market.

Please view our Westbound Sailing Schedule – Service 2 that has highlighted cutoff dates, sailing dates, and arrival dates for your convenience. For Tomakomai, our direct service with a transit time of 13 days will be an industry leading service for this market. This new direct reefer service to Japan and Korea will provide our customers with a hassle-free solution that mitigates a number of the risks associated with the transport of refrigerated cargo. Initially, we will only accept frozen and chilled cargo to Tomakomai and Busan, but soon we plan to accept the full range of commodities and market scope that mirrors our full service capabilities on the WSL Service 2 rotation.

To learn more about this new service offering and the full scope of WSL services, please contact your local sales representative or WSL Customer Service Team. We invite you to ship your refrigerated cargo with us and put our service to the test.


Corey Heinz
Regional Vice President
Asia Sales and Marketing

Export Customer Service: 1-800-220-9752